Top Five Restaurants in Fortitude Valley

I definitely think Fortitude Valley has a bad rep. Yes, it has mountains of bars filled to the brim with people you wouldn’t want to look in eyes, but this isn’t everywhere or every night. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest for crazy 18 year olds and creepy 40 year olds to be wondering around Fortitude Valley but don’t let this deter you from experiencing the culture of this area. We’ve found some of the best eats in this part of Brisbane; not just on the weekend, but week nights as well. Whether its a casual catch up with girlfriends or a date night with your man, these restaurant have a cool fun vibe you’ll love!



Could you ever go wrong with pizza? I think not! and this place does the BEST pizza! Their wood fire ovens toasting the base to perfection and delicious toppings you’ll drool over. Whether its a classic Margarita or Sweet Home Alabama (personal favourite!!), theres something for everyone. The bar is stocked to the brim with goodies and the music is old school beats mixed with modern hits. Alfredo’s is one of our favourite places to go on dates, with the ladies, and 3am eats!

Chur Burger


If you’re a babe that loves burgers, you will adore this place. On the bottom floor of the TRYP Hotel, this joint is new and clean. The menu isn’t big but theres a great mix of classics, like pulled pork burger, and fresh ideas, like spiced eggplant taco. Give me a burger, crisp cider, rustic furniture and I’m in!

Alfred & Constance

alfred - constance (c) florian groehn-2-cropped

If you’re over 18 and living in Brisbane, theres a 90% chance you’ve been to Alfred & Constance. Theres a good reason it’s so well known! Apart from a popular Tiki Bar, a chilled Alfred Cafe, and a brand new disco club downstairs (seriously?!), the Vanguard Beer Garden is a great place to catch up with friends over a meal. The menu changes seasonally but theres always the offer of fresh meat from the whole hog. Burgers, salads and share dishes feature too, but you don’t order a meal here to share, its way too tasty!

Harajuku Gyoza 


If you want gyoza, you would not go anywhere else. The menu is simple but they know what they’re doing, and they do it well. The plates are all designed to be shared and you just keep ordering more and more. The friendly staff and delightful atmosphere will keep you ordering more and more. Harajuku Gyoza is super fun and a great ice breaker on a first date. Oh, did we mention Salted Caramel Gyoza. Yes, that’s right…

Doughnut Time


Okay okay, so its not a restaurant. Its not even a cafe. It has no seats. Its a hole in the wall. But its one hell of a hole!!! If you’re looking for a treat after dinner, or something to bring home to your man or house mates, a box of Doughnut Time donuts will do the trick. So many good flavours, some of our favourites being The Real Slim Shady, Mint To Be and Love At First Bite (Nutella filled!!). We also treated ourselves at Easter to the Cadbury Creme Egg milkshake, and the Nutella Hot Chocolate is now available as your winter warmer. If you aren’t already following this place on Instagram, you are missing out!

Now we’ve spilled the beans on these gems, where do you love to eat in Fortitude Valley?

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